Getting my mind off the pain

Today I head on a spontaneous trip to Texas, where one of my best friends lives. We’ve been friends 27 years. I really need some girl time. I don’t really have friends here. I have some groups that I am tangentially a part of, but no one where I am part of the core like I was in Ireland, or college. It’s been almost 11 years since I moved here. That’s pretty depressing.

My two closest friends here have fallen off the map since having kids. They appear unable to do anything after 7pm. And nothing in the afternoon since that’s nap time.

But before that I am going to interview a new OBGYN and ask for tests for miscarriage causes. I’ll update with how it goes.

01/19 Edit: I loved my new OBGYN. She was sympathetic and thorough and kind. She ordered a bunch of blood tests that I will get the results from in a few weeks. They pulled out 6 vials of blood and I don’t remember what they were. 


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