Today is the day

We’ve been waiting a month and a half for this consult.  Our Reproductive Endocrinologist. He will hopefully tell us what our chances are, when we can start the process and how much it will cost. I’m so nervous.

For two weeks I have had a ton of pregnancy symptoms. Nausea and vomiting, swollen tender breasts, darker nipples, massive fatigue (I take an afternoon nap almost every day), frequent urination, headaches, backaches, constipation, bloating  and then my period was late. Four negative pregnancy tests. I did finally get my period on cycle day 32. But all that other stuff is still here.

Anyway, I was scared to death of it. So scared it was going to be a 5th miscarriage. I was not ready.

Deep down I knew I wasn’t pregnant since I had no sense of a child’s aura like I did with miscarriages. When I was really pregnant I had this sense of there being another person with me. I had this feeling about what sex they were and who they wanted to be, but didn’t get to be.

I’ll post again after the consult on what he tells us.


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