Finally feeling fine

I was nauseous and exhausted for 23 days. I also had abdominal pain for a week. It finally stopped the day after my endoscopy that showed nothing was wrong. That’s the same thing that happened last February, I waited 6 weeks  in massive pain for an endoscopy, and it showed slight inflammation of my stomach and then the next day I was fine.

I’ve decided to stop taking Nexium, which was prescribed for the slight stomach inflammation. And amitriptyline, which was prescribed for a different time I had nausea and abdominal pain. They obviously don’t prevent me from getting these things. The amitriptyline has overeating and weight gain as side effects, so that’s probably why I can’t stop eating when I’ve reached my calorie limit for the day. Even when I was nauseous, I kept eating. Especially in the afternoon. Super weird. I didn’t even stop eating when I vomited. Still hungry.

On endoscopy day I finally stayed under my calorie goal. Friday too. Only 12 calories over yesterday. On track for today and it’s already 5pm. I may actually start losing weight soon.


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