Moving forward

We have a bunch of things going on for getting me more healthy and moving forward with IVF and PGD.

First news is that the biopsies from the endoscopy showed that I have celiac disease, so I’ve started a gluten free diet. It’s been a little over two weeks. I haven’t noticed a difference except more cravings for stuff I can’t have. I’ve been nauseous most days, but no pain. But Zofran helps a lot.

All the results from the RE testing came back normal, except sperm morphology, which wasn’t very abnormal and the nurse said it was fine. So good news.

I also did the allergy testing and they found that I’m definitely allergic to cats and dogs, rabbits, dust, mites, and some pollens. So I’m starting allergy shots on Friday. The crazy allergy shot plan is to increase doses every week for four months (we’ll stop the increasing after the FET), then maintain levels for three years of every two weeks, then every three weeks for a year, and finally a year of every four weeks. I’ve told the RE and he says it’s fine.

I’m also starting up acupuncture again on Friday. It’s across the hall from the allergist. Hopefully I like them AND they take my insurance, since I’ve found one of each in Minnesota, but not both. They say they take my insurance, but their website list of insurance accepted doesn’t list mine. RE says that’s fine too. I call them a lot. They seem used to it.

I started the birth control cycle on Sunday. We have a consult with the PGD testing place on Monday. Then we have training for IVF on May 13th.


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