Phone meeting with PGD people

They wanted to make sure we knew some things. The RE had already told us that they couldn’t distinguish between a balanced translocation like The Dad has and just normal chromosomes.

New info to us, is that on average, people doing PGD for the same reasons as we are have 15-20% normal embryos. On average, people with normal chromosomes doing PGD have 45% normal embryos. 

Not terrific odds, but much lower chances of miscarriage. We are, of course, moving forward, but I’m less sure it’s going to work. We need 9 day 5 blastocysts (statistically) to get 1 normal one. I know that if we test just one it’s possible it will be good, but I’m scared.

I’ve had two acupuncture appointments, and I feel so much better, nausea, digestively. I haven’t needed nearly as many Zofran for the nausea, and there’s only pain if there’s a cat kneading my lower abdomen. He is an excellent acupuncturist. He asks a lot of questions, with follow-ups, he makes sure each needle is comfortable and that I don’t get too cold with my bare feet and bare belly during the relaxation time.

I also started allergy shots last Friday. I have never in my life had such a high level of nasal allergy symptoms. Usually I just have itchy eyelids that peel and get sick easily. But the last two days I have had the runniest nose and a crazy itchy throat, it’s terrible.

Additionally, there’s another health snag, which hopefully is nothing. I have to have a colonoscopy next Wednesday to investigate the bleeding I had last Thursday. There’s been no new blood, so I’m guessing it’s too late to figure out where it came from. So, low fiber Sunday and Monday, liquids only Tuesday and then a whole bunch of Miralax with Gatorade. I am not looking forward to it.  Also no iron containing supplements for 7 days prior. I assume going a week without the prenatal more than two months before my FET is fine.

Why can’t my body just work right? I mean celiac + some other unknown digestive issues, Depression (19 years now), allergies + colds, and not being able to hold on to babies, is a lot of things wrong at 32.


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