Not to make you jealous, but…

A doctor told me I have a beautiful colon today. So, everything’s fine and IVF can move forward. Yay!

After the procedure, I hadn’t eaten in 37 hours, so we got Chipotle. I had tacos and chips and guacamole. I never let myself have both because that’s 985 calories. I was more 896 calories under yesterday, so I think it’s fine. All I had yesterday was gatorade and chicken broth.

I’ve lost 5 pounds since the RE told me I needed to lose weight, almost 6 weeks ago. (Today I was another 2 pounds down, but I don’t think that counts.) My BMI is now under 33, yay! I think their limit is 38, but he said less obese is better for responding to the stims.

The gluten free diet is going pretty well. I accidentally swallowed a morsel of a gluten-containing protein bar on Monday, because I had to taste it for work and didn’t have a spit cup ready. Other than that, no gluten for a month now. I can’t tell if that’s helping or the acupuncture, since I started the acupuncture and herbs (Xiao Yao Wan) on the 25th. I have had a lot less need for the anti-nausea pills, and less abdominal pain. Also less depression and anxiety, so I’m gonna keep at it. Except the herbs, those have no pregnancy category, so I’ll only take them until the bottle is gone, one more dose.

The allergies have finally gotten better. I’m on Zyrtec, Nasonex, and Singulair, which seems like overkill, but it’s just barely keeping them at bay, so again, I’m going to keep at it. Actually, looking it up, Zyrtec and Singulair are pregnancy category B, but Nasonex is C, so I might stop that one, I’ll ask the allergist and the RE.

My counselor, though wonderful, has a schedule that doesn’t mesh well with mine. That’s especially true since I moved to a 5 day a week work schedule so I could have mornings until 9:30 off for all the IVF monitoring appointments. Even when I had Fridays off, she could only see me about once a month, which probably wasn’t often enough. I start with a new counselor on Friday, who can meet with me at 8am.

Goodness I have a lot of health issues going on. Everything’s on the right track though, so I’m feeling good.


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