On the IVF Front

I had my sonohysterogram yesterday. First Nurse Vicky weighed me, and cheered with me that I had officially lost 6 pounds.

The doctor arrived a little later and started with thoroughly explaining the procedure. He’s so wonderful with things like that. I already knew, but knowing that I knew the right thing made me more at ease. We began with a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m totally used to those by now.

My right ovary was a little further from the probe and where the egg retrieving needle with be than he would have liked, but it didn’t seem stuck, so he said that was fine. It also has one small cyst, but that’s not worrisome. The left ovary is much more well behaved.

The scapula and the cervix cleaning were unpleasant, but over soon. Then, quick as a whip, he did the practice Embryo Transfer, to measure where the embryo goes, so we can all be sure it’s tucked safe and sound in my uterus.

The actual filling a balloon with saline inside my uterus was very strange, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Vicky and the doctor were both great. They explained everything on the screen, warned of every fluid increase or decrease and almost made me feel as if something totally different from what was actually happening was happening. My uterus has no abnormalities, which was the expected result, but it’s so good to know that there’s a good home for the embryo once we find the good one.

Twenty minutes after the doctor walked in, I was dressed and on my way back to work. Easy Peasy.

Next week we have the consent singing and stim planning.


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