We have a schedule!

We had our consent signing yesterday with the IVF clinic. So many initials and signatures! We had already made decisions on what happens to extra frozen embryos in all the possible scenarios, so it went pretty fast.

The important and and exciting part though was the schedule and protocol. Aetna, our insurance company, has been taking a month to approve pre-authorizations for infertility medications, so we are delayed another month.

I start birth control again on the 15th of June.

Lupron injections start on July 2nd.

Last day of birth control pills July 7th.

Baseline ultrasound July 11th.

Follistim and Menopur start July 14th (my dad’s birthday)

Egg Retrieval sometime around July 25th.

Biopsy 5-6 days after.

PGD results about a week after that.

At least 6 weeks from Egg Retrieval to Frozen Embryo Transfer, if there are any good ones. That’s September 5th-ish. Except they don’t do them the week of Labor Day, so the earliest opportunity is September 8th. Pregnancy tests likely would be 14 and 16 days later.

So, September 24th is the absolute earliest we would know if it worked. There are many earlier steps at which we would know it didn’t work.

I so hope it works.