Friday, and now I have the flu

Tuesday I drove down to Rochester for my injection. They decided that since the last one didn’t last as long as hoped, they would do this one with less steroid and more “needling”. Basically, more poking at the painful muscle, in order to convince it to stop whining. It has been screaming since then. the acts of sitting up and laying down have been awful unless I used just the muscles in my arms. I did go back to the Lidocaine patches today and that helped a bit.

Yesterday was the last of my bronchitis, but the start of a really achey flu. I slept on and off ’til noon, then I took a two hour nap this afternoon. It’s completely ridiculous. The Dad has it too.

Also, just for fun, my pap smear in January came back abnormal, and positive for HPV. It’s a recurrence from when I had it in 2004. I had my colposcopy to check for precancerous cells on Wednesday morning. My regular OB doesn’t do them, so it was a doc in the practice I hadn’t met yet. She asked a bunch of questions about my health and life and it was so sad she had to hug me. It was surprisingly not weird hugging a stranger while not wearing pants. Well, I mean, she was about to stick stuff in my vagina, so how much more personal could it get? The results came in today and everything is fine!

Our Minnesota Sacred Harp singing group is having its all-day singing tomorrow, and we’re not going because we feel like shit.

And still, I’m way happier than I was a year ago. There is hope that I will be ok, there is hope that I will someday have a living child, and I feel so much stronger and able to get through. My new-found strength is mainly due to a program I’m in that I’ll write about in my next post.


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